Get your goddess on.

The Meditation Circle

Posted on February 3, 2016

Welcome to my inner circle

Sometimes lattes or a glass of wine are not enough. Sometimes a mani-pedi is not enough. Sometimes even cute new shoes or a handbag are not enough. We can try to chill ourselves out using treats and material things, but it’s just not enough.

It’s not even close.

We are craving something that is much deeper.

Sometimes we just want to stop. Take the first exit off. Jump from the hamster wheel of daily life.

We just want to breathe. We just want to slow down. We are too busy, our schedules too full and our minds are racing to keep up. We are exhausted and running on empty. We are awakened by our own sense of panic in the middle of the night. This is bullshit.

Maybe you’ve tried meditation, or maybe you haven’t; maybe you want to but are unsure where to start, what to do or what it even is! Maybe you just need someone to show you so you can give it a try.

Gather together a group of women and I will lead you through the meditation basics. Put those fancy yoga pants to good use or wear your rattiest pj pants because it doesn’t matter, roll out your mat and get ready to bliss out. Comfort is key since breathing is the main event. (Yay for breathing!)

In your session, meditation will be explained to you, the benefits, how to breathe, how to quiet your mind to let the peace in. Come out of it with a sense of calm and renewal. Be revived! Enjoy improved concentration, deeper sleep, increased libido (whoohoo!), improved and balanced moods, and, of course, the coveted inner peace.

This time is for you and you alone. Every breath you breathe is actually cleansing your mind, soothing your soul and healing your body. Miracles are happening with every single breath. This is self care. As women we are the ultimate caretakers, not just of our families, but of our very planet.

What you get:

~An easy-to-understand explanation of what meditation is and its benefits.
~Instruction on how to actually “do” meditation both physically and mentally.
~A fun and relaxing evening with like-minded ladies who just want to bliss out and get their goddess on! Get ready to glow!                                                                                               ~A fresh, energetically-cleansed meditation space in which to practice. I will bring some fun and beautiful meditation props to add to our sense of ritual and well-being.
~A guided meditation given by yours truly, followed by a little Q&A. For me and for you.
~Hostess will receive one of my coveted crystal healing bracelets.

What to bring:

~A yoga mat (I have extras if someone doesn’t have one)
~A blanket or shawl and fuzzy socks if you happen to be chilly all the time like me
~A folded up towel for support
~Water bottle
~An open heart and mind, a free spirit, and a willingness to learn and grow


All I truly need is a clean, clear space that will accommodate the ladies and their mats. If you would like to light some candles or serve up some herbal tea, that would be awesome too, since part of the session will be spent chatting.

About me:

My name is Charity and I am a long-time meditator, restless writer, collector of shoes, devoted mom of two little “Spiritual Beans”, a loving, yet slightly spastic wife (hence the meditation), sister, daughter, friend and, I believe, a teacher in my own way. I have always been a spiritual seeker and have always been fascinated by spiritual practices from around the world.

I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you! Let’s do this!


Charity xoxo