Letting the light in

Posted on March 9, 2016

The wound is the place where the light enters you.


The modern mystic is alive in everyone.

It is anyone who is looking for the magical in the mundane; anyone trying to carve peace out of chaos or a little solitude from our interactive, overly “updated” lives; anyone who has simply sighed and said, “When can I just BE?”

The answer is now. Right now. We can and we must. Maybe not this exact second, although I am willing to admit I had to have a word with myself only moments ago about this very subject. What will it take to put ourselves back on the list? Illness? An anxiety attack? Breakdown? I say let’s take a break from having our shit together. It’s exhausting.

I sure as hell don’t have it all together. But at least I’ve acknowledged that I have flaws. Lots of them! Cracks. Wounds. I’ve learned it takes too much energy to do perfection. Instead, I am willing to be vulnerable; I’m willing to be a beautiful mess. I love it when other people are vulnerable with me, when they show me their humanity, their joys and sorrows away from the screen-world we portray.

Human beings were not designed to be “on” all the time. Not so very long ago we rolled with nature. We were up with the sun and retreated when darkness fell. We knew when to stop. Now, it seems, we run around congratulating ourselves on how busy and over-extended we are, wearing our stress and busy-ness like some sort of gold star. Down-time is like a distant oasis.

I’m for turning it off. Slowing it down. Doing one thing at a time. Relishing the present moment since that is actually the only moment we have. We can’t go back, the past has passed and we don’t know what the future holds, so let’s just be here now. Let’s take a moment to take a look at our wounds and our flaws. Let’s just breathe and let the light in.

How to Stop:

  • Meditate. I can’t say enough good things about meditation. It saves me everyday.
  • Get thee to nature. Go to a park, a lake, an ocean, or field, or mountain. Just go and breathe there. Walk around. Sit on a bench. But don’t feel the need to do anything.
  • Play hooky. Take a day off from everything. Have a pyjama day.
  • Take a tech break. Turn everything off. Just do it!
  • The Three Bs. Bath, book and bed. Works every time.

When we stop to centre ourselves we immediately feel grounded, yet lighter. All it takes is time and intention.

PS. I snapped this photo of my husband who was paddle boarding at sunset and having a moment of peace. We must seize these moments wherever we find them.