I am a hopeless romantic, bohemian glamour girl, restless writer and spiritual seeker. I try to live simply and find the beauty in everyday things. I have a bit of a travel bug and am prone to wanderlust and daydreaming, but I am a true homebody. No matter where in the world I may be I will always make that place my home, even if only for a brief time. Any nest is worthy of feathering as far as I am concerned. Be it flowers or candles or simply a thorough scrubbing to the tune of my favourite music. (country & classical)

I am unapologetically girly in many ways and as my sister suspects, was likely a ballerina in another lifetime. I like to dress up and fuss with jewellery and cosmetics, as long as the look is authentic. Flowers are a constant companion as well as lots and lots of white paint. I am passionate about decorating my home and love the gallery-like quality of white walls which are the perfect backdrop for my latest vignette.

I am spiritual seeker. I enjoy the constant quest for enlightenment. Losing myself in  spiritual prose is a common practice, as is meditation and yoga.

Writing is a way of life for me. I studied journalism and cannot live without writing, even if it is only a journal entry. I dream of writing many books and novels and being a well-loved author one day.

If you must reach me, drop me a line at charitygalasso@yahoo.ca