Back to the Mat

Posted on February 4, 2015

Sometimes in life you just know when something is right for you.

That’s how I’ve always felt about yoga. I did yoga way before yoga was cool, trendy or mainstream. Before Lululemon launched a firestorm of yoga pants and controversy, before Bikrams was a thing, before there were as many yoga studios as Starbucks, hell, it’s possible I did yoga before Starbucks. I may be dating myself here, but my point is back in the day when I was very young I tuned into something ancient and I knew it was right (for me).

I have gone to various yoga classes, but mainly practiced at home over the last few years. Recently after some soul searching I knew I needed to be more accountable in terms of my health and fitness. I needed to get out a bit and connect with other yoginis. I needed to make sure I still knew what I was doing in a really big mirror under the watchful eye of a professional. But mostly I needed to shake it up. So I went hard-core and marched my pasty little untoned ass into my local Bikram’s.

The room is heated to 105 degrees, the women (and a few brave men) come in all shapes and sizes, and the instructors have been kind, encouraging and pretty damn insightful for a class where the teaching is mainly verbal and we rely on each other for an actual physical example of what to do. It is a hot, sweaty, strenuous, amazing experience. Through the dripping perspiration, screaming muscles groups, occasional light-headedness and searing heat I focused. I persevered. I rocked it. I did it!

Bikram’s is an extreme sort of practice, there’s many other kinds of yoga and I plan to embrace them as well. My inner voice had been whispering that time was of the essence. I’ve relied on my good genetics in terms of my overall health and unwaveringly stable body weight for too long. The voice said it was time for me to get involved and participate; that I needed to care for my physical being as I have my spiritual one; that I alone have been given this physical body for my duration of time on this planet and haven’t I been so blessed with the life I’ve lived in this body thus far? My inner voice said it was time to get back to the mat. (That, and there’s a fantastic Groupon right now. The universe communicates in a variety of ways.)

So I decided to listen.