Illusions of Grandeur

Posted on December 10, 2015

Today I conducted a social experiment. I love a good social experiment!

I have been plugging away at the creation of the ideal feminine den, my dreamy writing enclave, the most beautiful girly office. It is, in essence, complete. Except for some pesky tenants who refuse to move out. They are Husband Clutter, Sporting Goods and Laundry Paraphernalia. It is not their fault they can’t move out, they really have no place else to go and my office is right off the garage and our smallish laundry room. I cropped all that stuff out of this photo. But it exists, trust me!  And so I struggle to keep the peace and co-exist with my unwelcome roommates day after day.

The truth is perfection is an illusion.

I got the idea to post a photo of my writing enclave on social media after scrolling through Pinterest last night, looking at nothing in particular, but constantly wondering how anything and everything could really be that perfect. The truth is perfection is an illusion. Much of what we see is propped, styled, cheated, cropped, brushed, filtered and lit and that’s ok as long as we are aware of this fact. What we are seeing is not necessarily real. But don’t we love, love, love the intoxicating beauty of unattainable images of perfection?

We do.

But why?

Even looking at the picture of my office now and I’m actually sitting in here as I type, the photo is somehow more magical. And I’m the one who hand-picked the tiny white Buddhas, the gilt-edge pin board, the ballerina skirt curtains, the perfect pink silk peony blossom and Parsons desk! I created this! Yet, something weird happens when we snap a photo and post it on social media. It goes out there into the world of Grass Is Always Greener.

For the moment, however, I am content to soak up the aroma of my lavender candle and listen to the sound of rain on my window as I sit in my little corner of heaven. I can shut the whole world out and exist in this moment. These few square feet of loveliness are all mine.

Just as long as I don’t turn around.