I’m such a Goddess!

Posted on January 9, 2015

And so are you… and you… and you.

The full moon has come and gone and almost every woman I’ve spoken to, not to mention a few tuned-in little girls, have had trouble sleeping this week. Specifically on Monday, which was the night of the full moon. Think back to Monday. How well did you sleep? Not great, I’m willing to bet. I’m also willing to bet this happens every month around the same time, if you were to pay attention.

Why is this, you ask? Wake up and smell the lavender, girls! It’s the mother ship calling us home! She wants to commune with us. That big old beautiful Moon is the heart and soul of the Divine Feminine, ruler of feminine cycles, fertility, the tides and so on. Isn’t that magical? Amazing? Miraculous? It certainly was to ancient man who believed the moon was ruled by a goddess- she went by too many names to list here- but her wisdom was very much relied upon. Even today, let’s be honest, most modern men still can’t understand females two-thirds of the time. Even with their smartphones, they’re just not as dialled in as us.

The point is we were once revered for this mystical connection to the natural world and universe. So, instead of lying in bed tossing and turning and feeling kind of squirrely, get up, wrap yourself in a cloak (or bunny hug, or whatever), go outside and take a peek! Behold her beauty, if you can, through the clouds and fog, and let her radiant rays dance on your skin, much like we do with the sun, but with no risk of burning or premature aging (hooray for that!). Light a candle, or twenty, sit in silence and reflect. The full moon is the ideal time to purge, release and let go of anything that no longer serves us. You can do this physically by de-cluttering, but here’s something a bit more enchanting, a lot more fun and does not include cardboard boxes or garbage bags.

For I am the beauty of the green earth, the silver moon that sails among the stars, the mystery of the flowing waters. From me, all things are born, and to me all things in their season return…

~excerpt from The Charge of the Goddess

My sister and I have created a patented full moon girl’s night out. Kidding, it’s not patented, but maybe it should be. To start, we write our wishes, intentions or bullshit we’re ready to release to the universe on squares of paper. Then, somewhat painfully, we fold them into origami orbs. After that it’s off to the nearest beach under a cloak of darkness. Don’t forget your supplies! Flashlights, candles, a torch (aka bbq lighter), lighter fluid, Champagne or a thermos of herbal tea, a blanket, chocolate etc. etc. Once you’re all set up, take a moment to get centred, breeeeathe, get out your origami orbs, then, somewhat ceremoniously, light those bitches on fire and cast them out to sea! Take off your socks and shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet. Sip champagne or tea on a driftwood log and moon gaze, basking in her glorious light. My sister and I are Leo and Cancer respectively, so the fire and water combination really works for us. The point is to get a bit primal and have fun with it. Once we’re finished our moonlit revelry we recite the hauntingly beautiful poem The Charge of the Goddess, extinguish our flames and head home. Exhilarated.

I promise you, dear ones, when you get home and climb between the sheets, you will sleep like a happy baby.

Girls, she’s your mother, just give her a call!

P.S. This particular full moon ritual is best suited for clear dry evenings, but there’s a million ways to enjoy her without getting hypothermia. After all, we’re all goddesses, so get resourceful and be creative. And for those who worry about personal safety on a darkened beach? Well, we’ve never had a problem. Would you mess with a couple of girls, armed with bottles of lighter fluid throwing fireballs into the ocean? I didn’t think so.

P.P.S. It took a certain amount of bravery for me to post this piece. I felt a bit afraid that I was exposing a bit too much of my quirky inner world. But then, I thought, screw it! God did not put me on this earth to hide from the fact that I desire an enchanting existence with a deep connection to nature, a zest for life, but not exactly a talent for origami.