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Meditation Elation

Posted on June 13, 2015

Last night:

Sometimes when I meditate it’s a disaster. It’s not all Buddhas and bliss, let me tell you! I can’t let go and just be. Thoughts thunder around my mind like a bunch of unruly buffalo, I can’t get comfortable and try as I might the mind, body and soul union will not unite.

Tonight was not the case. Tonight’s meditation was exceedingly blissful, totally effortless and highly restorative.

I waited for nightfall. The children and dog were tucked away in that peaceful summertime-tired slumber, and my man was out working late. I was alone-alone. The last of the sun had dipped well below the treetops and the sky was streaked with deep lavender and ripe peach. As it darkened I lowered the lights and lit my favourite all-natural scented candle, aptly named Silence; I anointed my temples and wrists with an aromatherapy concoction called Stress Release; I sat in lotus in the very centre of my king-sized bed/universe and fired up my Deepak Chopra meditation tracks and then… I totally let go.

I don’t know if it was the lovely sense of ritual around the experience, the refreshingly cool night air or the fact that my horrendous seasonal allergies had retreated for a while, but I found myself with a peaceful buddha smile touching my lips. I was just breathing in and out. Just being. Sol-hum…sol-hum…sol-hum.

I felt kind of like I was floating, but also very much rooted to the earth. Nothing was itching, twitching or aching. I really was ONE. I was doing it! It felt like I was “smiling even in my liver”, as medicine man Ketut advised Liz Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love.

I came out of that meditation with such a deep sense of peace followed by a jazzy euphoric high. I was all, “Namaste, bitches! This is what Deepak Chopra is talkin’ about!” I felt like doing a victory dance like an athlete after they score the winning goal, but instead I flopped back on my mountain of pure white pillows and basked in the glow of my inner peace, hoping it would last forever.